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Vitamin C


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Vitamin C
Benefits, Sources Vitamin C Skin care

Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of the most popular and highly studied vitamins. The reason is because of its nutritional value in helping ward off illness and disease. Many major scientists have based their whole careers on studying and expounding on the values of Vitamin C. Vitamin C is known as an antioxidant, which means it fights free radicals that cause disease. (Vitamin E is also known as an antioxidant). Vitamin C works synergistically with Vitamin E to provide a more powerful effect than if they were working alone! Vitamin E works against free radicals in the cell membranes, while Vitamin C attacks free radicals in body fluids.

Vitamin C Benefits
Vitamin C Benefits are extensive. It is a powerful water soluble vitamin and antioxidant. One of Vitamin C’s important functions is protecting LDL cholesterols from oxidative damage. By protecting against oxidative damage, Vitamin C protects against heart disease. Vitamin C also protects smokers (and people who receive second hand smoke) from the harmful affects of free radicals. Vitamin C Benefits include protection against blood clotting, bruising and its ability to promote the healing of wounds and burns. The positive effects vitamin-c provides skin is related to vitamin-cs contribution to the formation of collagen.

Vitamin C Sources
Although Vitamin C is extremely necessary to our health, it cannot be produced by the body. Therefore, we need to get it in our daily diets.

What is a good food Vitamin C source? It can be found in berries, citrus fruits and green vegetables. Other good sources include asparagus, avocados, beet greens broccoli, brussels sprouts, cantaloupe, spinach, grapefruit and many more. Some herbs are also good sources of Vitamin C. Those include alfalfa, cayenne, burdock root, eyebright, kelp, paprika, raspberry leaf, red clover and rose hips to name a few.

Vitamin C Sources can be also found in supplementation products. You can take Vitamin C tablets, capsules, powders and even chewables. The chewable vitamin C products are especially good for young children who may have difficulty swallowing pills. Multi-vitamins with vitamin-b, vitamin-c, vitamin-k and vitamin-e are also very beneficial.

There are also different types of Vitamin C. The standard form of Vitamin C is called ascorbic acid. This is the C that is most often used in supplemental formulas. There is nothing wrong with this type of Vitamin C, but Ester C is an exceptional digestible version.

Ester C is a form of C that is less apt to upset the stomach and can be absorbed by the body even better than ascorbic acid C. Ester C enters the blood stream four times faster and stays in the bloodstream longer than standard ascorbic acid. Also, only 1/3 as much Ester C is lost through the urine as ascorbic acid.

Vitamin C Skin Care
Vitamin C Skin Care is available through several different lines. With its positive contribution to skin, Vitamin C Skin Care is the perfect version for skin care products of all kinds. Vitamin C Skin Care comes in lotions, cleansers, serums, gels and just about any other form of skin care you can think of.

Jason Natural Products and Avalon Organics both have lines of Vitamin C Skin Care products. The addition of Vitamin C to these skin care products has proven to be a trend that many other companies are beginning to notice. Because many of these products are natural anyway (without many of the harmful ingredients that some manufactures use), Vitamin C Skin Care seems to be the next step in taking care of our skin and slowing down the aging process!

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Vitamin C